October 2018

Graduate Student Association

Friday, October 12th, 2018
Biomed II B542
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

William MacCain, GSA President
Leah Horn, Vice President
Samantha Huckuntod, Secretary
Laura Ewing, Treasurer

Attendees: William, Leah, Sam, Laura, Kate, Joe, Taylor McElroy, Shana, Susie, Michael, Cord, Dr. Prince, Eugene, Rabia, Tiffany, Ana, Fabio

Dr. Prince announced her new appointment as the replacement for Dr. Sterba.  She will try to attend as many meeting as possible.

  • GSA Lounge Remodel
    • Please email Dr. Prince or the GSA if you have suggestions on changing the Graduate Student Lounge on the 4th floor of Biomed II.
      • Obtaining furniture with built-in desks and vinyl (or easily cleaned fabric) was suggested.
    • Prince will be leading some Professional Development workshops
      • CV workshop in November (graduate school sponsoring)
      • Reference manager seminar (Endnote and Reference Manager are essentially the same)
        • She’ll present on how to use both. The school has a license with Reference Manager. She’ll look into getting a license for Endnote as many students use Endnote.
      • Computer programs
        • Python, Clone Manager
      • Other students suggested workshops on building presentation skills, poster making skills
      • Finance workshop in February
      • Please let the GSA know if you have other suggestions for seminars.

Nicole shared ASG updates

  • Nicole
    • Greg McKinney from University Police is working with student groups to increase student engagement.
    • Halloween party on 26th, bring socks for charity donation
    • Movie tickets and food card on 17th for $2 rave tickets
    • Mind Coalition is looking for volunteers for Mindfest (October 21st 10-2)
    • Report campus safety issues on website: uams.edu/campusop/depts/ohs/forms/HazardReport.aspx
      • If you can’t access, email Cheri Goforth
    • IM Bowling October 24th

Career Day

  • We need students to volunteer to give 15 minute tours. The tours will only run from 1:30-1:45. We have four currently volunteered. Tour will go from spine center to lab.
  • Taylor, Shana, William, Kyle, Rabia, Devin, and Susie have volunteered.

GSA Symposium

  • Tiff made a poster for the speaker and it looks great!
  • We will give judges mugs with candy as a thank you gift.
  • Laura shared that Dr. Vijay will not be able to take money as an honorarium. The GSA decided to research getting a plaque if it is within budget and can be made within our time frame.  We will make a gift basket if the plaque won’t be finished in time (include a shirt and a mug).
  • We still need volunteers to help set up and organize event
    • People volunteered to set up day before: Laura and Taylor M., Fabio, Susie (26th only), Kate

Student wellness seminar series

  • Messias will be presenting October 29th at 12pm in the Rayford Auditorium
    • Focus group update: Messias was pleased with turnout for group.
    • Survey on burnout update: GSA account will send out the survey but we are not collecting data.  Please be honest and encourage others to fill it out.
    • Sam made a poster to advertise the seminar.
  • Angie and Jim will be putting together a mindfulness seminar on November 7th.

Peer Mentoring Program (PMP)

  • Shana explained purpose of the program. The purpose is to pair new students with post-qualifier exam PhD candidates to establish a mentor/mentee relationship to help with the transition into graduate school.
  • Will do a mixer between students and PhD candidates to get people to pair well in January.
  • More volunteers are needed: Joe volunteered, Taylor would like to do it next year
    • PMP needs to have between 15-20 volunteers.

T-shirt/ mugs

  • Update on merchandise: Laura: total of 54 shirts for the week, we have paid for the shirts, profits are going to GSA, out of smalls. We’ll need to order more shirts, maybe a different color.
  • Should receive mugs on Monday.
  • Anybody can come to B509 to buy a shirt outside of sale time in the atrium (12-1)
    • Shirts will cost $10
    • Mugs will cost $5

Bake Sale

  • Halloween Bake sale is October 31st
  • Shana is putting together a budget on what we need to buy
  • We need volunteers for baking and for selling
    • Latrina, Rabia, Tiff, Shana, Susie, Leah (bringing cider) bringing something.
    • Laura will work table, Rabia 9-10,

Open floor discussion

  • Professional development
    • Ideas for next semester: Programs to get involved in for science outreach
  • GSA Student lounge ideas for 1st and 4th floor remodel
    • McGehee is letting us remodel.
    • 1st floor we could remodel for a meeting area.
    • Get rid of fridge on 4th floor, get new furniture that’s easy to clean
      • We will email to get people together.
    • Thanksgiving potluck will be November 13th
      • William is placing order.