November 2018

Graduate Student Association

Friday, November 9th, 2018
Biomed II B542
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

William MacCain, President
Leah Horn, Vice President
Samantha Huckuntod, Secretary
Laura Ewing, Treasurer

Attendees: Eugene, Laura, Taylor M., Leah, Sam, William, Dina, Tiffany, Shana, Nicole


GSA Symposium Update

  • Overall the event went smoothly. Stumhofer suggested more emphasis on oral presentation in future poster judging rubrics.  Dr. Vijay’s talk was very good.

Student wellness seminar series

  • Angie and Jim’s Mindfulness Seminar
    • The projector in the classroom in the HGA atrium wasn’t great. Angie and Jim had audio and visual problems.

Thoughts on the mental health seminars:

  • Mindfulness talk should happen every year
  • Positive psychology talk from Dr. Thapa was suggested.
  • Status of student survey on burnout
    • IRB approval pending if Dr. Messias wants to publish his results, we can proceed with a SurveyMonkey survey to get results for our own purposes
  • Messias coming back in the Spring with an update on the survey
    • Pending on survey so his presentation can be more relevant to the grad students
    • We wanted more emphasis on results from his focus group but it was still informative to see his data on residents vs. basic scientists burnout surveys.

Thanksgiving potluck

  • Will be held on November 13th
  • We ordered 3 fried turkey, 2 smoked, 10 lbs ham, gravy.
  • We are making a salad and instant mashed potatoes purchased from Walmart.
  • People have signed up to bring the following:
    • 8 Desserts
    • 6 other (various potatoes, dip, veg)
    • 2 mac and cheese
    • 2 dressing/stuffing
    • 8 vegetables
    • 2 vegetarian side dishes
    • 1 sweet potato casserole
    • 1 tea
    • 2 soda
    • 30 responses, most are students
  • We need volunteers to help set up and clean
    • Food at 12, we need to order tables for extra seating, email if people need places to set up crockpots
    • Taylor will set up, Dina can help clean
  • Taylor’s Mindfest volunteering update
    • Went over well, GSA could maybe set up at table, nice volunteer opportunity


Peer Mentoring Program (PMP)

  • Update on handbook and timeframe
    • Handbook was presented, it looks really good
    • Applications started in December
    • Have social for mentors and mentees in January
    • Goal is to pair first year students and PhD candidates, might have to make adjustments to accommodate other degree programs
    • Tiff was wondering if we thought about mentoring training
      • Mentors would need to attend seminars to learn skills
      • Mentees could then go on to be mentors, making the program self sustainable
      • Susie said Sterba led mentoring workshop with the summer INBRE program
    • More volunteers are needed
      • Mentor applicants need application and PI approval start Dec 1, cut off 15th
        • Mentees can address other areas that they could be paired up with their mentor
        • Put handbook and application on website
        • Make a separate email for the PMP

T-shirt/ mugs

  • Sold out of mugs
  • Sold out of small and medium shirts
    • Only L-3XL T-shirts left
  • Update on sales
    • 1400 with bake sale, t-shirt, mugs
    • Made $664 net profit
  • Status on ordering new mugs/ shirts
    • William doesn’t think we should order more yet, have next year GSA can decide what to do just so the market isn’t flooded with UAMS GS merchandise.
    • Probably order more shirts, some people want smaller sizes, maybe do preorder and ask for money upfront also sell long sleeves potentially
    • Most agree to do a pre-order with money upfront
    • Creative services has similar shirts for $5-$10.

Bake Sale

  • Update on Halloween Bake sale
    • Big success, thanks to everyone that helps
  • Christmas Bake sale dates December 5ht
    • We need volunteers for baking and for selling
    • Susie, Tiff, Shana, Laura, Sam are volunteering to work
      • Sam will bake

Open floor discussion

  • New GSA officers for next year
    • Need to find people to fill roles sooner than later.
    • Gardner would like the next officers to start coming to meet with her.
    • If you have a passion for helping fellow students, please consider applying. Please talk to current officers if you’d like to know how things are done for each position.
  • Update on food insecurity survey
    • Grad students had the highest response
      • Also highest in need for a food pantry
      • Notable results
        • Did you ever cut size or meals? 44% said yes
        • How often? 34% almost every month, ~20% every other month
      • If you are a student that needs money for food,, person responding works in chancellor’s office, confidential, include student ID number, card number, and SAP # you will get $20 in food money to use at UAMS cafeterias
      • William will ask if money will accrue or will it just stay at $20
      • It would be nice if there was a meal share sign up to help out other people
        • Similar to free lunch Friday
  • Professional development
    • Training students to become peer mentors
  • Discussion on GSA Student lounge ideas for 1st and 4th floor remodel were postponed for next semester.