May 2018

GSA Meeting 5-11-18

Members in attendance:  William MacCain, Leah Horn, Samantha Huckuntod, Laura Ewing, Kim Cooney, Johnasha Stuart, Aru Gupta, Shana Owens, Greg Burbusse, Amal Shoeib, Yen Huang, Dina Zita, Adrian Williams, Rose, Eugene Nyamugenda, Kathryn Woods, Nicole Turnage, Tiffany Miles

We will be continuing monthly meetings over summer.  We will work on budget over summer to get to Dr. McGehee.

Talk to Johnasha ( for if you’re interested in participating in GSTCA.  GSTCA is an organization giving teaching opportunities to graduate students for those interested in academic careers.

Anyone is allowed to go to ASG meetings.

UT Southwestern collaboration was explained by Shana.  We will be updating the website to advertise, collect abstracts, etc. Letter of intent was explained.

  • Proposed budget: $800 for flight/hotel, $60 per diem, $100 for transportation, $200 for honorarium: total $1200
  • Fundraising for to raise money for budget deficit? Bake sales, ask Dr. McGehee, request funds from School of Medicine/Pharmacy, ask for private donations

Fall Events

  • Orientation Week: August 8th GSA in charge of pizza, giving tours, having a table at resource fair
    • People interested giving tours: Eugene N.
    • Table at resource fair: Shana, Aru
    • 15 pizzas for the lunch, Papa John’s is recommended
  • Welcome Week (whole expense $625)
    • Need more fun events, turnout has not been great
    • Ice cream social with poster session for incoming students; we don’t know time yet, will update
      • Have in classroom off of atrium
    • Happy Hour
      • GSA buys appetizers only, people are free to buy their own drinks if they want
        • JJ’s or Flying Saucer? Bowling alley?
      • Bowling or Traveler’s Game
        • Professor bowl pricing: 30-50 people- $23 per lane on Friday, $4 per game $2.50 for shoe rental
        • Traveler’s are not in town for orientation week
        • Have traveler’s game instead of picnic
      • Pancake Breakfast
        • Donuts and coffee instead? $92 dollars for Dunkin Donuts
        • Put outside of Rayford before class
        • Go through a local bakery
      • GSA Symposium
        • Pick a date and tell UT Southwestern our timeline
          • October 23-25th to get cheapest flight, need to check class schedule and department seminars
          • Plan around Career Day? If it’s happening
          • Pick a couple of dates, talk to McGehee to see what’s best, then need to check to reserve the atrium and Rayford
          • October 26, October 29, November 2 potential dates
          • Potential judge gifts: pens, pads, cakes
            • Let judges pick up their own gifts, deliver to abstract judges
          • Consider budgeting for placard for UT Southwestern student talk

Cut picnic? It’s not very popular, perhaps do traveler’s game instead? Potential date: August 26th

Potluck Thanksgiving (roughly $500 last year)

  • Emphasis on Potluck
    • Send out a signup sheet for side dishes
      • Have suggestions for people to sign up for specific items
    • Switch stuffing order to mashed potatoes
    • November 14th or 15th

Tiffany Miles: How do we increase attendance? We should increase social media presence, acknowledge student work, and promote the Remind text feature.

  • Professional Development Seminar
    • Topics: How to Present Data and Make Figures

Volunteer opportunities

  • Ideally once a semester
  • Create our own with the Boys and Girls Club
    • STEM-based outreach?
  • Humane Society

Quality of life changes for graduate students

  • Mentoring/ Buddy system
  • Job fair
  • Bus route/ safety

Change meeting time to 12:00 on Friday

Next GSA meeting is scheduled for Friday June 8th in Biomed II 542.