June 2018

Graduate Student Association

Friday, June 8th, 2018
Biomed II B542
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

William MacCain, GSA President
Leah Horn, Vice President
Samantha Huckuntod, Secretary
Laura Ewing, Treasurer

Attendees: Leah Horn, Samantha Huckuntod, Laura Ewing, Kim Cooney, Eugene Nyamugenda, Kennede McLeroy-Charles, Dina Zita, Chris Bolden, Johnasha Stuart, Kathryn Woods, Devin Guillory, Rose Cooper, Tiffany Miles, and Shana Owens were attending.


Current budget was rejected. Budget will be increased to $3000-$3500 to account for set up fees for judges’ gifts and fundraising merchandise.  William will be speaking with Dr. McGehee to explain budget requests line by line.


August 8th is New Student Orientation.  Tours will be given from 9 to 10:30 AM.  Devin, Eugene, Dina, and Rose have volunteered to give tours.  Aru and Shana have volunteered to sit at table display at resource fair.  We are looking for volunteers for tours for bioinformatics students.

Welcome Week

Ice cream social will be held during the GPIBS poster session on August 9th at 10-12am.

Bowling night will be at Professor Bowl on August 9th.We can buy food at Professor Bowl for every X amount of people that show up in addition to paying for game.

Bar night/Happy Hour will be at JJ’s Grill on August 10th.  We will pay for appetizers during happy hour.

Coffee and doughnuts will be provided for the first day of classes (August 13th) outside of Rayford Auditorium.  New and older students will be encouraged to participate.

UT Southwestern/ GSA symposium

We are still waiting for UT Southwestern officers to change/transition to get back to us.

Majority of meeting attendees preferred the rubric for poster presentations placing oral performance and poster aesthetic equally at 50/50.  We also discussed a rubric with 40% of oral performance and 60% of poster aesthetic.

Rubric will be given out to students and judges before the symposium so everyone knows what the judging criteria are.  We need to make sure students know to present results in a given time to free up judges so they can judge other posters.  Additionally, we need to promote the event better to other departments within the Graduate School (include Nursing, Bioinformatics, etc.) to increase participation from students and judges.

We need to plan to purchase gifts for over 30 judges to participate in GSA Symposium.  Mugs, pens, and notepads bought in bulk were suggested as gifts.

Social media update

GSA website will be updated soon, Samantha Huckuntod met with Kelly Gardener (UAMS web developer) to update current website to new format.  Tiffany Miles will be added as an administrator to the Facebook page.


We discussed potential merchandise to sell to students as a fundraiser and give away to new students and judges at GSA symposium.   Hats, blankets, coffee mugs, shirts, Koozies, and adhesive phone case pockets were discussed as potential items.  Each will have a general “UAMS Graduate School” design.

Mugs could be sold at first day of school event to go along with coffee that we are providing.

Summer Activity

We will price out paying for a Traveler’s game outing including picnic buffet and game tickets for up to 80 people.  Samantha Huckuntod will call about prices and details.  We need to make sure to include students coming in early for school (IMSD program, others) by getting in contact with them somehow.

We are going to limit free tickets to 1 student and 1 guest.  People may purchase additional tickets if needed.  We will give out tickets (at earliest) 1 day before the game to ensure people that really want to go will get tickets.

We also discussed planning a picnic closer to campus (near Little Rock Zoo).

Next GSA meeting is scheduled for Friday, July 13th Biomed II B542