September 2017

Graduate Student Association Meeting

Tuesday September 5, 2017 @ 4 PM

Biomed II – 3rd Floor 342


William MacCain, Gregory Berbusse, Arundhati Gupta, Shana Owens, Samantha Huckuntod, Bill Hyatt, Kyle Urquhart, Tracy Nolan, Leah Horn

Back to School Picnic: 

September 9th  at Maumelle Park at 11 AM.  Kyle Urquhart has volunteered to donate food and those attending should bring some type of dessert.  Planned enough food for 50 people. Some members promised to bring balls, Frisbees, and lawn games.


GSA Symposium/TAMU Collab:

GSA symposium is scheduled for October 27 9-3:45. Shana, Bill, and Greg are contacting judges, and Samantha has prepared an online form for abstract submission. Abstracts will be collected until noon on Sept. 29th. No exceptions. Shana will send out flyers and an email invite to all students to participate. Tiffany Miles has volunteered to help with organization for judging as well. Greg has been in contact with the speaker from TAMU and current plans are to schedule her visit to coincide with the GSA Symposium. Bill will be making a small plaque for Mary Grigar, the invited guest.

Professional Development:

Greg met with Dr. Sterba and discussed the GSA supporting 2 Professional Development Symposiums this semester. One will relate to interview skills. We will be co-hosting the upcoming talk by Dr. Thapta, and ordering pizza. Aru volunteered to handle pizza order for event.

Other News: 

Greg submitted our budget request, received budget approval.

We discussed a Service project to take place during the Spring Semester, more details to be planned later.

We will be having a Halloween bake sale, flyer and more news to come next month.