September 2013

Graduate Student Association Meeting

Friday September 27, 2013

Officers in Attendance: Trey Lowery, Serra Ucer, Emily Reichard, Archana Kamalakar, Lee Ann King, Anisha Kothari, Rajshekhar Kore, Daniel Sappington.

  1. Current bank account will start charging a fee, so it was decided that we will move to a new bank or credit union
  2. New meeting time will be last Friday of every Month 3-4pm in B342-2 (Biomed 2)
  3. Paintball Event
    1. Super Saver package ($30/person)
    2. Max 50 people
    3. GSA will pay ½ ($15)
    4. Register by Oct 11th end of day
    5. Event will be Oct 19th at 1pm at Arkansas Paintball
  4. Marathon Team
    1. Emily and Serra will meet with Faith when possible to get details
    2. Email has been sent to Faith requesting details
  5. Habitat for Humanity
    1. Will be held in November
    2. Serra will start organizing details
  6. Website
    1. Updates will include: links to PhD Comics, GSA minutes, link to GSA Facebook account, any notices of events, potentially a poster of publications (?), possible link to Graduate School Blog (?)
  7. Graduate School T-shirts  for Humanity
    1. Competition for logo
    2. Emily will send email and start organizing
  8. Recycling is being taken over by UAMS for Humanity
    1. Voted unanimously to donate bins to churches
  9. ASG Notes:
    1. Halloween party planned,
    2. Student Loan Counseling: contact Student Financial Services at Phone: (501) 686-7832 for info on taking out loans, repayment options, and debt management
  10. Vinos will be moved to December or cancelled depending on funds
  11. Other event ideas for next semester:
    1. Climbing
    2. Movie night
  12. Next Meeting:
    1. Planning Habitat for Humanity event, marathon sponsorships
    2. Update and vote on constitution to include Webmaster position