October 2013


Graduate Student Association Meeting

Friday October 25, 2013

Officers in Attendance: Trey Lowery, Serra Ucer, Emily Reichard, Archana Kamalakar, Lee Ann King, Anisha Kothari, Rajshekhar Kore, Kevin Howk, Faith Cragle (via phone)

  1. Marathon Team & Shirts (Faith on phone)
    1. Need all details to Faith by early-mid December (How many, each size, Men’s/Women’s, color of shirt, design, ~$10 per shirt)
    2. Plan on having about half run the half, about half run the 10K, and a few full marathons
    3. Last year 30+ signed up
    4. Logos:
      1. Either small ($200) and large ($400) or one logo for $400
      2. Need approx. $1200 to cover costs
    5. Sponsorships needed ASAP
      1. Goal in two weeks to have as many sponsors as possible
    6. Sign up deadline Dec 1 with size/type shirt
  2. Habitat for Humanity
    1. Serra has been working on getting in contact, thus far has heard nothing
    2. Goal to have by late November
  3. Thanksgiving Potluck – Nov 21
    1. Three turkeys
      1. Need to find out where they were purchased from
    2. Everyone brings dishes
      1. Prizes for best dessert, side, salad, and veggie dish
      2. Starbucks gift card – $10 each
    3. Email will be sent out in two weeks
  4. T-shirt contest
    1. Email will be send out this month
    2. Rules!!
      1. 2 color max
      2. must represent all schools the grad school represents in best manner contestant sees fit
      3. can be front/back or back only design
      4. keep it clean
    3. Winner prize à free shirt, $10 gift card
  5. Website Info
    1. Raj has access to the website (Finally!)
    2. Will give an update on the website at the next meeting