January 2013

Graduate Student Association Meeting

Friday January 25, 2012 12:00 pm

College of Public Health Building, Room 1202



Officers in Attendance:

Faith McDaniel, Adam Brown, Katie Marshell, Neil Detweiler, Chad Cragle, Serra Ucer, Emily Reichard, Daniel Sappington


Student Marathon Team:

The only new business to attend to is giving Dr. McGehee an update on our current sponsorship status/spring budget


Donut Wednesday:

Neil volunteered to take over the responsibilities of donut Wednesday at the meeting; however, soon after the meeting it was discovered that our budget for this semester would require cuts in order to fund the various activities for the spring.  The officers voted to cut donut Wednesday for the remainder of the semester.


Crawfish Boil:

The vote was unanimous to set the date to May 3rd, although this is still subject to change.  Adam will contact Angela Moore in regards to hosting the event at her house.  Neil will reserve a pavilion at Burns Park closer to the date if rain is likely.  Several possibilities were discussed as to where the crawfish will come from, but the budget is currently set at $375.


Service Project:

The spring service project will be with Habitat for Humanity and it was unanimously agreed upon that any available weekend in March would be ideal.  Neil will contact the manager about possible service opportunities.


Canoe Trip:

The date was set tentatively for June 1st with all officers in agreement.  Canoes will be rented from Buffalo Outfitters.  As was the procedure last year, a sign up list will be made available and each person will be responsible for paying a $15 fee for the canoes while the GSA covers the additional costs.  More information will be available after speaking with the staff when their office reopens in late February.


Secretary Report:

A meeting has been scheduled with Creative Services for a training session on how to edit the GSA website.


Treasurer Report:

A new budget for the spring semester has been written up and will be sent out to the officers soon.


Recycling Report:

The campus wide recycling services is not yet equipped to take on the maintenance of Biomed’s recycling bins, so it has been given back to the GSA.  Volunteers for this task include Bryan Hurley, Neil Detweiler, Daniel Sappington, Adam Brown, and Dr. Miller.


ASG Report:

12th Street Clinic

  • Museum of Discovery wants to do an evening session
  • GSTCA wants to do an educational training for high school student

Student Health Clinic:

  • Improved services

Health Insurance 2013-2014

  • Committee met with a representative from Academic Health Plans and it was discussed that plans similar to the current would be available again next year.


Academic Senate Report

Committee will meet next month.


Graduate Council Report

  • A new Ph.D. program in Epidemiology is being developed but the details are still being worked out.
  • This year’s commencement will be held on a Sunday, so some type of party is being planned in lieu of the brunch that usually occurs the morning of the event.
  • Dr. Steve Post proposed changing the thesis and dissertation formats from typewriter-based instructions to computer based.



Student of the month

  • Program directors would nominate a student every month and GSA officers would choose two to be listed on the GSA website with information about that person, their achievements, etc.  This proposed idea has not been discussed with the program directors yet.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on February 22nd at the same location and time.