September 2012

Graduate Student Association Meeting

Friday September 28, 2012 12:00 pm

College of Public Health Building, Room 1202

Officers in Attendance:

Faith McDaniel, Adam Brown, Katie McDaniel, Neil Detweiler, Chad Cragle, Serra Ucer, and Emily Reichard


Student Marathon Team:

The date of the 2013 Little Rock Marathon has been scheduled for March 3, 2013.  Faith will be ordering the shirts from the same company as last year but is looking into using red instead of white.  Last year Dr. McGehee paid for the shirts so this year the goal set for sponsorships should include the costs of the shirts.  This year the Graduate School will be working with the College of Medicine in organizing the marathon team.  Extra shirts will be sold at $10 piece.

Extra funds may go towards a pasta dinner the night before the marathon, but that would be dependent on how much is raised.

The GSA will approach the same sponsors as last year first and look into additional businesses if needed.  Faith sent out a packet of all of the information to give to a prospective sponsor.  Last year there were concerns about the logo sizes and that the large logos appeared to be the same size as some of the smaller logos.  This year we discussed offering one size for the logos at $400.   The following are the businesses discussed in the meeting and the people responsible for contacting them:

AC&F- Chad

Bailey Properties- Adam

Sporty Runner- Laura

Spokes- Chad

Dr. Tilley- Faith

Orthodontist- Adam

EZ Runner-


Thanksgiving Potluck: 

The date for this year’s Thanksgiving Potluck was set for November 15th and agreed upon unanimously by all in attendance.  In the event that the 15th does not work out, the potluck will be moved to the 16th.  The October meeting will include planning out the details of this event.


Policy on Officer Involvement:

Officer attendance is mandatory at all GSA sponsored events and meetings, including the monthly meeting.  The exceptions to this are illness, prior engagements, and other unavoidable conflicts.  Lack of attendance should be noted with another officer prior to the event.


Foreign Tutorial

As discussed during the July meeting, Faith and Serra hosted an event geared towards getting international students more involved.  Other than the two officers listed, there were no attendees so no future events of this type have been planned.


From this point on, all meetings will include the following sections to be discussed:

ASG Report

Dr. Heard spoke on the Student Health Center and plans for its revision.  Chad volunteered to be a part of the committee for health insurance.  The 12th street clinic is set to open in the next few months.  This clinic will be run by solely by students and will include services such as vaccines, wellness/fitness programs, etc.  The delay with this clinic is obtaining adequate student involvement to maintain it.


Also discussed was the permanent location of a prescription drug drop off station somewhere on campus that is accessible at all times for convenience but it also safe from possible theft.  No location had been decided definitely at that time.


Finally, the UAMS IT department is working with computer software designers in designing a computer informatics system that will allow students more online accessibility.  Some of things this software would include are grades, transcript request, registration for classes, etc.


Faculty Senate Report

Minutes from the Faculty Senate Meeting were sent via e-mail to all officers by Adam.


Graduate Council Report

The Graduate Council has not met yet, but this report will be given by Faith.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on October 26th at the same location and time.