June 2012

Graduate Student Association Meeting

Friday June 29, 2012 12:00 pm

College of Public Health Building, Room 1202


Faith McDaniel, Chad Cragle, Adam Brown, Neil Detweiler, Tristan Fowler, Emily Reichard, Katie McDaniel, & Nandini Sakurikar


Transition Dinner:

This was originally planned for July 2nd but was postponed until a date and time could be decided upon that would allow the majority of people to attend.

Doughnut Wednesday:

There will be no doughnuts for the month of July due to the holiday.  Tristan volunteered to take over this duty starting in August.

Back to School Picnic: 

The date has been set for September 8th  and will take place at Lake Ouachita.  The GSA will provide the food and those attending should bring some type of dessert.  It was discussed as to whether we should use the money that would be spent on soda towards paying for gas for Dr. Wessinger’s boat.  More details will be planned during the next meeting.



The date of orientation is somewhere around August 15th but no plans were made at this meeting.


Other News: 

Tristan reported that the minutes from the University Board meeting were released along with the new budget.  Both of these can be found in the library.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on July 27th at the same location and time.